Summer Break (#96)

Join us for a brief message as we take a summer break after a long school year and share a few upcoming changes to the podcast, including how YOU can be a part of the new Inspire School Counselors podcast coming this fall.

Inspiring School Counselors
Summer Break (#96)

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Hi, everyone, and welcome to the summer edition of the encouraging words for school counselors podcast. I’m Matt Fleck with Inspire Success.

First, a big thank you to everyone who follows and listens to our podcast throughout the school year. As you’ve heard others say, it doesn’t work unless we have faithful listeners. So thanks to YOU and thanks to all the  contributors who provided wonderful stories for us to share this year. We hope, as our name implies, that these stories have been an encouragement to you.

So, it’s summer and we’ve decided to take a break. In fact, I’m actually recording this sitting outside at Disney Springs in Orlando, Florida. If you really miss us this summer, you can listen to any one of our 90+ episodes on our website at

When we return in the fall, we’re going to restructure our podcast a bit to focus more on sharing practical and creative ideas school counselors use to find more time, to generate more support, and become more effective. We’d still love to hear your stories, but we also want to hear what resources you find to be helpful and what creative things you’ve implemented to secure more time with students. Essentially, we’d love to hear your best ideas about what works.

If you’d like to be a contributor it is super simple to do. Any day this summer, go to our website at and look for the link to the Inspiring School Counselors Form which asks you just a few questions about your favorite resources and ideas. Answer any of the questions you wish, letting us know your favorite resources and ideas, and that’s it. Very simple. We’ll then share these best ideas and resources and practical tips throughout the coming school year. 

Whatever you are doing this summer,  remember to relax, get some rest and rejuvenation, and please join us again when we start back in August. Until then, as they used to say on the Mickey Mouse club, see you real soon! So long.