Remembering How We Survived the Past School Year (#46)

The pandemic forced all of us to reach deep within ourselves to muster confidence, be creative, and find comic methods of relief. South Dakota School Counseling and Career Development Specialist Andrea Diehm did all of these things as she shared her reflections earlier this school year.

Coping Through Coaching (#45)

How did middle school counselor Jennifer Henriquez cope with COVID and the stresses of school counseling? She became a Life Coach and says this process can help others, too.

You’re Never Too Old (#43)

Years ago, Kent Cocking took a counseling job at his area career center thinking it would be temporary, and then he met John who taught him you’re never too old to learn.

Reaping Rewards & Wedding Cake (#42)

The work of school counselors is often compared to planting seeds. If we’re lucky, we occasionally get to share in the results of our hard work as Stephanie Brinsley did this spring.

The Screeching Halt (#41)

School counselors understand students may "awfulize" (using Albert Ellis' term) a situation, making it more terrible than it is So can adults. Kelly Dunn shares a story of how thinking differently about an issue can bring it to a screeching halt.

The Beauty of the Small Win (#40)

Sometimes the greatest rewards of being a school counselor come in a small note or the barest of smiles from a student. If you can relate to that feeling, you’ll appreciate the beauty of the small win shared by this week’s guest Bob Tyra.
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Ready for More Support and More Time (#38)

It may be time to take another look at ways to organize school counseling programs that lead to more support for school counselors and more time to work directly with students.

First Things for First Generation Students (#37)

School counselors’ work in helping students succeed is magnified when other organizations collaborate in providing families with information and motivation. Learn how the non-profit organization Catisha Coates-Toney has created is doing just that.