Why I Became a School Counselor (#13)

Sometimes it's helpful to reconnect with our "why" -- it can keep us going when things get tough. In this week's episode, a high school counselor, elementary counselor, and former middle school counselor from different parts of the country recount the reasons why they became school counselors.

Humor on the Hierarchy of Needs (#12)

If you're the only counselor for nearly 500 students in grades 6 through 12 like Chastity Sward, you HAVE to have a good sense of humor. If laughter is the best medicine, this podcast is contagious.

The Fortuitous Bump (#10)

Being very pregnant in a small room filled with teenagers creates an interesting encounter, and foretells Mary Pouch's dream job helping students explore careers.

We Are Family, Virtually (#7)

Developing deep connections with students doesn’t have to stop as schools, teachers, and counselors go virtual. Discover how it can actually work in your favor as high school Director of Guidance Aimee Portteus explains in this week’s podcast. We would…

Unmasking Who Needs Our Help Most (#6)

Starting school presents a new set of challenges for counselors this year. But with resilience and humor, elementary school counselor Laura Samide is not only surviving, she has a unique insight on who really needs our help the most. Learn…