Unexpected Gifts from Extra Curricular Activities (#4)

As a new high school counselor, Jordan Steiner got involved with a student activity before he even knew how to get around the building. Along the way, he learned how strong his students were, how much they could contribute to…
photo of a squirrel that looks like it might be screaming

Action-Packed Food Pantry (#3)

Former middle school counselor Mary Pouch shares why she “screamed like a baby squirrel” during her first year as a new school counselor.

High School “Difference Makers” (#2)

Ensuring every high school student has a working schedule at the start of the new school year is an amazing but often overlooked accomplishment. Steph Austin, Director of State Counseling for the Indiana Connections Academy, shares a reminder of the impact…

Coping with COVID (#1)

From Cheetos to healthier choices, listen in as former Georgia School Counseling Specialist Dawn Mann shares her journey of “coping with COVID” in positive ways.