Speaker Amanda Culhan

Amanda had experience as a School Counselor at the elementary and middle levels before serving as the School Counseling Specialist at the Indiana Department of Education for eleven years. Currently, she is a consultant, assisting organizations and school districts with project coordination related to school counseling and student success.

Why Become a School Counselor? (#48)

Why do school counselors choose to be school counselors? Listen in as an elementary counselor, a former middle school counselor and a high school counselor share their reasons for choosing this profession focused on improving the lives of students.

Why I Became a School Counselor (#13)

Sometimes it's helpful to reconnect with our "why" -- it can keep us going when things get tough. In this week's episode, a high school counselor, elementary counselor, and former middle school counselor from different parts of the country recount the reasons why they became school counselors.