Speaker Mary Pouch

Mary has worked in California and Indiana as a school counselor, mostly at the middle school level. She is currently the state trainer for Kuder Incorporated’s Indiana Career Explorer program in Indiana.

Bumping Into Reality (#36)

For this spring break edition of the podcast we pull another favorite from our archives. This story, from former middle school counselor Mary Pouch, reminds us that it can be helpful for counselors to be there when students bump into reality.

The Fortuitous Bump (#10)

Being very pregnant in a small room filled with teenagers creates an interesting encounter, and foretells Mary Pouch's dream job helping students explore careers.
photo of a squirrel that looks like it might be screaming

Action-Packed Food Pantry (#3)

Inspiring School Counselors
Inspiring School Counselors
Action-Packed Food Pantry (#3)

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