Speaker Shelia Patterson Allen

Shelia worked in business (and was a flight attendant for one fun summer) prior to discovering that she really wanted to work with kids. Since becoming a counselor, Shelia has worked in middle schools and high schools in the Indianapolis area. Shelia believes counselors have the best job in schools helping students with social and emotional situations and also getting to help them plan their futures.

Why Become a School Counselor? (#48)

Why do school counselors choose to be school counselors? Listen in as an elementary counselor, a former middle school counselor and a high school counselor share their reasons for choosing this profession focused on improving the lives of students.

Why I Became a School Counselor (#13)

Sometimes it's helpful to reconnect with our "why" -- it can keep us going when things get tough. In this week's episode, a high school counselor, elementary counselor, and former middle school counselor from different parts of the country recount the reasons why they became school counselors.